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Ah yes, today is the day before the Airstream rolls out.  So of course it has to be a crazy day, right?  I mean that’s what the day before travel is.  Crazy!!!!

This morning I’ll be wrapping up with Comic Book illustrator Bret Blevins.  We’ve got a few things to review, he’s going to do another post, and we’re going to make sure the post gets on to his Twitter feed and Facebook.

After working with Bret it’s off to the storage unit.  Grab the big generator, put away the space heater, drop some other things off.  You get the idea.

Once wrapped up with that I’ll be organizing the Airstream for travel.  Monitors put away in storage areas.  Backup drives put in their place.  Dishes made ready for travel.  And trying to make sure that everything is organized in a way that it won’t come tumbling out of the cabinets when the Airstream gets parked.

Then this evening I’m having dinner over at a friend’s house.  Afterward I’ll come home and hit the bed early.

So without further delay, almost time to go to Bret’s!

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