Running at a million miles per hour

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Since September I’ve felt like I’ve been moving at light speed.  Every day clients in the gallery and the studio.  Every day I’ve been booked with something or other.  Painting reproductions, photo prints, photo sessions……it goes on and on.

My thinking about the start of the New Year was pretty simple.  It’ll slow down after the commercial shoot.  The simple thinking was wrong.

This week I tried to schedule clients far apart.  And I succeeded in that scheduling, thus allowing time to start working up my new marketing, get taxes ready, do the paper work shuffle, etc.  But I haven’t had the time for any of that as the walk in traffic has been steady.  Even when I close the door to the studio I find a knock coming every 15 minutes with folks who haven’t scheduled with me.

You need traffic.  And growing the client base is always a plus.  But you also have to get your own business done as well.  So I’m thinking I have to enforce my appointment scheduling more firmly than I have been.  It’s such a hard thing though, as you never want to ignore a potential client……..

Of course, you also have to pace yourself.  I don’t want to burn out.  So yes, I think a little more scheduling enforcement is in order.

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