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San Xavier Del Bac

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sanxavier-1Not long ago Ian showed me several photos of San Xavier Del Bac.  A very cool old mission located outside of Tucson.

After seeing the photos I knew I had to take a trip and take a few photos.  That desire was part of the rationale for this little Airstream trip.

I’m glad to say that the visit to the mission was worthwhile.  I’m sorry to say that the indoor photos did not work out very well.  See, I forgot one thing about interesting sites.

They’re usually crawling with tourists.

Yes, I know, I’m a tourist as well.  Just one of the many that visited San Xavier Del Bac.  And like the rest of the tourists I got a good look around.  Just not any great interior shots at all.  🙁

It’s fun trying to setup photos while waiting on people to get out of the way.  Every time a shot was picked somebody would walk in front of me.  Then the rest of their family would walk in front of me as well.  It got a little funny at times.

sanxavier-2So, what you get to see today are outdoor only shots.  Sorry about that.  Guess I’ll have to figure out a time when there are less folks at the mission.  Then I can get the interior shots I so wanted to on this visit.  Ah well, you win some, you loose some!

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  1. For better photo ops, come back a week later after school sessions restart and all the grand kids have gone back home after visiting the grand folks in Tucson.

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