Secret Number One For Successful Full-Timing

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Not my Airstream, but a visiting Airstream parked at Point of rocks. Great setting, great park, easy to stay longer than you expected.

Full time in places you like……

That’s one key to successfully being a full timer.  If you like the places you visit or park you’ll have an easier time justifying the smaller space and all the negatives of full timing.  For me, Prescott & Point of Rocks really helped me to remain a full time Airstreamer.

If you’ve followed the blog over the years you’ve seen some pretty amazing photos in the Granite Dells.  I loved living there.  My backyard was a rock hound’s paradise.  It made for many amazing hikes, climbs, and photos.  And it’s a place that isn’t loaded up with a lot of houses…..  so how can you live in the Dells easily without breaking the bank?

Stay at an RV park located in the Dells!  That’s how.

Now, imagine my years in the Airstream at a different park, a totally different location.  What if I full timed at…..oh, let’s say a fair ground in Prescott Valley.  Wide open space, no tree cover, no amazing hikes right as I walked out the door.  How long do you think I would have stayed there?  I can tell you.  Not long at all.  Being a place you like makes it a lot easier to be a full timer.

How about Full Timers on the road?


Hook up and move to the places you like. Yeah, that’s a perk for a Full Time RV’er.

I think that a big part still has a lot to do with being in place you like.  Parking yourself in a city RV park without amazing views or things to do will take some of the fun out of it.  In 2006 when I traveled around I would find myself staying for a long time some places (Cortez, Victor Idaho, outside Santa Fe), and other places I’d roll out of in a day or two.  Where you are does lend to the Full Time experience.  Parking in a Wal-Mart parking lot for extended periods of time will not lend to a positive full time experience.

Fortunately, since your RV is mobile you can easily pickup and head somewhere that matches with what your looking for.  I found it so easy to stay in Cortez Colorado for weeks on end.  Mesa Verde was right around the corner, Hovenweep, a cute downtown.  All of the place’s features made it easier to enjoy the lifestyle.  The same could be said for Victor Idaho.  That place nearly sucked me in for additional weeks.

And of course, as regular readers know, Prescott really sucked me in.  Well, it was the Granite Dells first and foremost.  Had I landed anywhere else in the area I probably would have moved on a lot sooner.  But the Dells really captured me.  And so full timing for years on end at Point of Rocks worked out.


Currently I find myself missing the western landscape.  Now I’m at a location for a contract, that simple.  Not home, and definitely not a place I’d stay years on end at beyond the need of paying the bills.  I think a location like this would leave a person not wanting to full time pretty quick.

So, if you’re looking to full time in any type of RV, your chance of successfully doing it and enjoying the experience will have a lot to do with where you park.  And if you don’t like where you’re parked it’s pretty easy to move on down the road.



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