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This morning I stopped by PhotoWalk Pro and read Jeff’s latest article on shooting in your own backyard.  He lives near the Luray Caverns, so that was his short trip.  Great shots in the caverns.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have landed here.  Not only did I find a nice place to call home, but it offers a great deal beyond just being a place to hang my hat.  Great hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, water sports, a cute downtown……all within minutes of where I live.  Breathtaking sunsets, stunning monsoons, crazy weird wildlife, and more!  Seriously, I landed in the right spot.

I could keep photographing the Prescott area for years and never cover everything.  Does that mean I’m a really bad photographer?  Nope.  It means there’s a ton to see and do here.

With all of this in mind I’ve decided to shoot around the Dells again.  First time in a while.  I’m not bored with the Dells, but I sure don’t want to bore readers.  Additionally the pollen has been extreme the past few weeks and going outside leaves me really sick.  Been a rough couple of weeks here and I’ll be visiting the physician soon (the appointment is coming up).

So, later today I’ll be wandering the Dells with my new 5D.  I’m looking forward to see what I come away with.  Big files, big photos, and a need for a really big external drive (gosh, sounds like a cereal commercial).  I need a big crunch with a big taste.

Check back in this evening or tomorrow morning.  I’ll get something posted.  And don’t forget, you’ve got plenty to see and do in your own backyard as well.  Don’t wait for that big trip, get out there today!

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  1. Luray Caverns… that sounds familiar. That was a good trip / time – minus the camera & tripod being blown over by the hurricane force winds, but I won’t bring that up.

    Look forward to seeing more from the 5D!

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