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Slowing down

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Ok, the busy weekend has wrapped up!  Super long days, too much to do, and not a single photo!

You should have seen the moon rising last night.  And no, I didn’t break out the camera and tripod.  Hopefully we’ll have another interesting one tonight and I’ll be ready for it.

So, what’s the news here at the Airstream?

  • Extra long days Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ian & Jantina’s son was born Friday evening!
  • Construction has started on our new building!
  • A new IPod Touch has been added to the inventory here at the Airstream.
  • A new Mac has been prepped for the new business.
  • Javalina blocked access to the Airstream Friday night (no photos there either).

Well, there’s the “big” events.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are finally days of rest.  Maybe I’ll get some fun photos and take a few walks again.  Also I’ll learn how to use my new IPod.

My 4 year old IPod was involved in a dropping incident last week.  Normally its case would protect it, but I’d taken it out of the case to hook to a dock.  Wish those docks would let the cases fit.  Then I wouldn’t have needed a new IPod.  Ah well.  Still, the new IPod is cool.  🙂

Well, off to wake up, poke my head out the door and see what the day has to offer!

Oh, and the photo today….taken several days ago while in Granite Basin.  Great spot!  Just a little breezy!

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  1. OOH, I just googled javalina… YIKES!!!! That animal looks mean.

    Enjoy your new toys! Toys are fun!
    I got a new toy, too — an electric skillet. Not as fun as your toys, tho…LOL!


  2. Driving to you last night felt like I was driving into the moon…it was so amazing! It was more amazing around 6:30 than when it was totally dark (so hurry home and take your pictures then please…demanding aren’t I? 😉 )

    So, it was a week for new babies, eh? You and the new Touch (which is very cool by the way) and Ian’s new little one…I can’t wait to meet him (needing a fix of good baby smell after all)

    Cheers to more normal schedules…

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