So long 2010! Hello 2011!

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Today we’ll be closing the books on 2010!  My oh my, what a year!  To end the year here in Prescott we’ve had quite a little snow storm.  The Dells look beautiful snow covered!

Sitting here in the Airstream getting ready to go to work I thought I should pop up the last post of the year, and the anticipatory post for next year.

Very simply, 2010 had ups and downs.  Doesn’t every year?  2011 will surely have a mix of things as well.

So what’s coming?

2011 will start out with a lot of change.  I’ve already told you about the gallery move.  And the fact that I’ll be moving as well.  In the long run, before 2011 is over I hope to have a usable studio space.  Nothing huge and insane, just your standard open warehouse space that can be used for studio work.  And oh yes…….

2011 will see me doing more studio work.  It’s time.  Of course, location shooting will continue, but in order to roll with changing circumstances I’ve decided that a good deal of focus for 2011 will be spent offering portrait work for folks.  Let’s face it, you’ve got to pay your bills, right?  Well, portraits, commercial work, etc, pays bills.  I’ve been in business 2 years now, and I know exactly where every income stream comes from, and what it accounts for.  In order to grow the business one more revenue stream is needed.

With luck I’ll be working closely with 2 other photographers on location shoots and studio shoots.  I’ve discussed it with each of them, and there is a strong interest.  We’ll leave their names out for the time being, but watch over the next few weeks as I work toward pulling a studio out of my hat.  😉

Beyond photographing people, what else is on schedule?  Well, I’d love to spend a month in the Vermillion Cliffs / Grand Staircase region.  Financially it’s a no today, but maybe by late Spring we’ll see some opportunity to head up there for a while.  There’s so much to photograph and explore, and I haven’t been a true traveler in a while.  5 days trips just don’t cut it!  And they’ve been rare.  So cross your fingers for some more travel again.

Of course, I’ll be sticking to the same goals as last year.  Continue learning, growing the business, expanding workshops, and printing for all of my regular clients.  Good goals all!

Happy New Year everyone!  Please have a safe New Year’s Eve!  Personally, I’ll be dog sitting, so a quiet one for me!  🙂

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  1. I love this shot Rich! Hey man call me next time so I can get some more Practice in!!! LoL. Hey man Happy New Year…2011 is finally here..Time for change..huh? Good change!

  2. The snow on the Dells is beautiful. It’s 70 here in Savannah today. Warm enough to wash all the salt off the RV. Happy New Year!!

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