Something new from R.L. Charpentier: Red River’s new Polar Metallic Paper

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This morning I stopped by Jeff Revell’s blog as I do each day.  Today he wrote about Red River’s new Polar Metallic Pearl paper, and it got me pretty enthused.

For some time now I’ve wanted to offer a metallic paper to my clients.  Heck, clients have asked about it.  But to date, I haven’t been able to.  See, those cool metallics you can get from MPix for instance?  Yeah, that’s a digital developing process.  I’d need a whole different set of equipment.  So, I’ve waited patiently.  And my patience might get rewarded soon.

This morning I stopped by Red River’s web site and popped a query in regarding the paper.  I think I’ll give them a call this morning too, just to be sure.  I want to test this stuff out ASAP.  Currently they don’t offer it on rolls, but they will be soon.  So, might as well test some sheets out before the rolls come out, right???

As soon as I hear back from them and get the product in my hands I’ll let you know.  This could be a great addition to the current offering of papers in my shop.

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  1. Rich, there is so much my Zion readers could learn from your excursions to White Pocket that I linked to your site. Wonderful photographs, as always.

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