Sometimes I swear I’m senile

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Earlier in the week I went in to get an eye exam.  It’s been a few years, and my eyes get “tired” lately.  So it was time to get things checked out and see what’s going on.

As an interesting side note, after the infection in my jaw was dealt with in 2010 my prescription drastically changed.  My old one was -1.5 and -1.75.  After the antibiotics and tooth extraction I barely needed glasses at -.5 and -.75.  Wow!  It was pretty cool.

My thinking was pretty simple, maybe things went back to the way they were.  Popping into see my eye doctor I found out my thinking was very wrong.  Nothing had changed.  The only thing going on was me being totally senile.

I don’t need glasses for close stuff.  I need them for distance and night driving mostly.  And truly that’s not always on my mind.  I just keep the glasses on all day.

My eye doctor pointed it out to me.  She brought one of the charts close to me and asked me to read it without the glasses.  Ah yes, there’s the ticket!

In the end, I’m having to remind myself to take the glasses off when I’m working at the computer.  And my eyes don’t get so tired now.  Go figure.  Guess the gray in my beard really is telling me something!

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