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Sometimes I’m dumber than a post……

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Car troubles too tough for your mechanic?

Today for instance?  Did Rich do smart things?

No, he did not.

Went into the studio this morning to run a few prints for a client who needed them today.  I canceled one shoot as I think I’m infectious.  I mean like Typhoid Mary infectious.  The sweats, the cold sweats, and the fact that I keep seeing Tickle Me Elmo floating in my field of vision were all indicators that I should be home in bed.  But I’ve got a back log of work, and I’ve got all this stuff to do.  So, I didn’t do the right thing……

In the end, I stayed in the studio.  I didn’t run around shaking people’s hands, sneezing on them, or dripping ectoplasm all over the place.  I kept pretty much to myself and worked on client files.

To wrap the day up?  A quick stop by Car Care by Bob.  Glenn works there.  He’s doing a tune up on the Titan tomorrow.  Fortunately he didn’t notice Elmo by my side.  I snapped off a few shots while there.  The image in this post was one of the shots.  Just toying with an idea.  When I look at this image tomorrow I’ll probably realize exactly how bad off I was today………

Fortunately, with Elmo as my co-pilot I made it home.  I’m going to eat something, then get a ton of face time with my pillows.

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