Underexposed Airstream Photo

That’s a terrible Airstream Photo….oh wait!

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Underexposed Airstream Photo

That’s a terribly underexposed Airstream Photo. We can fix it!

A bad photo can sometimes become a passable photo.  And we’re going to show you how the image above can become the image below very quickly…..

A better Airstream Photo

A few quick changes in Adobe Lightroom CC can really make a difference.

Of course, could have done a better job with a little more time (I got sloppy with the brush around the Airstream), but I think you get the idea.  This is why I shoot in RAW, and why I use Lightroom.  In the film days people made edits as well.  Dodging and Burning aren’t digital terms you know!  🙂

So without any further delay, here’s the video on this quick Airstream photo edit!

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