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Did you know you could follow along with the Airstream Chronicles Continued through your e-mail?  Probably not.  I’ve never really promoted that feature here, and maybe that was an error on my part.

As I’ve been working with clients I always offer that option on their sites, but never really thought about it with mine.  So today I’m just letting readers know, if you want the latest posts popping up in your e-mail you can do that!

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Pretty slick.  Personally I’m subscribed to each of my client sites so I can see the latest things they’re doing, and make sure that they’re blogging about their latest events, specials, etc.

Well, off for another exciting day.  This evening I’ll be reviewing the latest site with one of the board members for the MPF.  Should be fun.

The Heron thought if it stood near the planter I wouldn't see it.....

The Heron thought if it stood near the planter I wouldn’t see it…..

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