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The Airstream Chronicles Continued

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Welcome to my latest site!  For most people who pop in to read this first post I expect you got here from my original blog, Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles!  Welcome to my new blogging home!

For folks who accidentally found this site I bet you’re wondering what it’s all about.  So I’ll tell you.

It’s the Airstream Chronicles Continued!  🙂

Several years ago I was forced into some major life changes.  A weird illness, an unwanted divorce, and searching for a new home while traveling the country in my 2004 Airstream Safari.  Eventually I found my new home in the town of Prescott, Arizona.  I’m still here, and I still love the place.

The original blog initially documented my travels, meeting new friends around the country, and then finding Prescott.  Lots of rock climbing, job hunting, frustrations, and excited moments went into the original Airstream Chronicles.  But like all good things, the original site has outlived its usefulness.  Not because I didn’t like the site anymore.  It was something deeper……

Freak hackers kept nailing my site, my web host, and frustrated me to no end.  Finally, extreme database issues that continued for multiple weeks made me realize it was time for the next change.  Believe me, the change isn’t easy, but here I am posting for the first time on the new site.  Ah, change!

Beyond the technical issues, I’ve been thinking it’s time for a change.  A lot has happened since I first started blogging regularly.  The major travel part of the blog stopped more than a year ago.  I found “home.”  A new life has been established (life 2.0, or maybe Rich 2.0), and my interests have widened beyond Airstream and travel talk.  Doesn’t mean I’m not interested in those things, just means there’s a lot more to write about.

So, why call this the Airstream Chronicles Continued?  Pretty simple.  The blog is written from inside a big silver can every day.  I’m an Airstream Full Timer without a doubt.  I deal with a small space, too many books, and occasionally large beef jerky shipments that just don’t seem to fit anywhere in the Airstream.  Tony & Dan, come get your orders….10lbs of jerky isn’t easy to store here!

As you can see, it’s an appropriate name.  I’ll still travel now and again with the Airstream, I live in it year round, it’s my home and safe haven!  Besides, would you read this if the word Airstream wasn’t in the title?

I can promise you, what goes into this blog will be expanded beyond the original Airstream Chronicles.  While traveling I had a few separate blogs.  The Digital RV, the Digital RV Blog, the Digital RV Podcast, an Airstream Podcast, and I think….wait, that’s about it.  That’s a lot of stuff to maintain.

Going forward this site will talk about everything of interest to me.  That means more tech articles, podcasts, how to’s, Macintosh propaganda, minor bashing of Windows now and again (kidding Windows readers), and of course, Photography!

See, that’s the other reason why I think the blog change will be good.  Long time readers know that I’ve really gotten into photography in a big way.  Running around Arizona with a Canon 30D and 40D, taking fun shots (they’re fun to me), creating High Dynamic Range Photography, experimenting with Photoshop, and more.  There has been a lot of that stuff lately on the old site……there will be much more on this site.

So, this place will be your journal, tech blog, photo blog, and all around soap box?  Ah, sounds like great fun.  Wonder if you’ll have more than 5 readers????   😉

By the way, the main site, will have an enhanced version of my photo portfolio soon.  Check it out often.  You’ll also find out about new shows, my new business venture, and ways you can order my prints.  Self promotion rocks!  🙂

Hope you enjoy the new site!  I’ll work to make it more interesting than the last.  Well, at least more interesting to me!  🙂

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  1. YAY! Welcome to your new home. My blogroll has been updated and I wish you well at your new place. {looking around} hey, it’s kinda nice over here! Love the Airstream photo… but then you knew I would. It’s an aluminum love thang!!! :-D)

  2. Well Lois, you’re the first commenter on the new blog! 😛

    Glad you approve! Looks like the old one, but there are some behind the scene changes. I’ll be working on some more tonight, and on the photo web site as well. Work is never done!

    Welcome to the new sit!

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