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The Airstream is a busy place!

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I can’t believe how many days I’ve neglected the blog.  Shame on me.  But I do have a good excuse….I’m busy.  Very busy.

Over the weekend I attended the Manchaug Pond Foundation’s Spring Social.  It was a fun event, and I was happy to stop into the Camp Blanchard YMCA.  I hadn’t been in that rec hall since I was 9 years old.  That’s like a million years ago or something!  Maybe even longer, I’ve lost track of my age!

The Spring Social at the YMCA

The Spring Social at the YMCA

Several hours were spent at Camp Blanchard, and then I returned to the Airstream to offload images. I have to say, the last week has been beautiful (although chilly in the morning) and I feel guilty sitting inside editing photos while missing an amazing day.  But hey, I’m not here to play, I’m here to work.

The big Spring Social also has a big raffle.  The winner was chosen out of 100 little ducks in a kiddie pool.

The big Spring Social also has a big raffle. The winner was chosen out of 100 little ducks in a kiddie pool.

Late Saturday afternoon I hung out with family for a bit.  How is it 3 little boys (my nephews) can wear me out so much?  Seriously, Saturday night I was spent.  It took effort to stay up until 9 p.m.  Oh no, another sign I’m getting old.  Oh yeah, and one other thing.  When I was their age I jumped into the lake as soon as I could.  Hey, they ice just melted….can we go for a swim?  They’re in the water every day, and old uncle Richard?  Yeah, he dipped his toes in and said no way man, no way.  The kids don’t think it’s cold at all.  Hrmph!

A pair of chucks on the beach at Holbrook's

A pair of chucks on the beach at Holbrook’s

Sunday was spent over at my cousin Mary’s place.  Some socializing of course, but also we did some photo work for their family.  Mary and her husband Bud, and their two terrific kids Bridgette & Shane.  I also got to see my uncle and aunt!  Made for a good day, but I still hadn’t caught up from being exhausted from Saturday!

Just in case...but I don't think it's been used in forever!

Just in case…but I don’t think it’s been used in forever!

Yesterday we had Mary over in the morning to review the shots from Sunday.  Great images.  So many great images that we had trouble picking favorites.  That’s a good problem to have though.  We selected through, I showed Mary through our process, and she walked away pretty happy, and with a print in hand (I’ve got a small Canon printer with me for quick images).  We’ll be sending images off the MPix this week, and they’ll have their new family portraits in no time!


Manchaug Pond from the Beaton Pond.

For the afternoon……  I spent a few hours on a conference call with Bret Blevins, his son Tim, and an associate of theirs.  Big things are in the works, and we’ll be setting up a new store front on the web very soon.  Bret’s project list is growing, and I think his free time is shrinking.  But that’s great!  It means he’s busy, and busy means paying the rent.

The lane down to the horse barns on the Beaton Property

The lane down to the horse barns on the Beaton Property

Finally today I had some updates and reviewing on the website we’re wrapping up.  Several CSS changes, one script change, setting up e-mail addresses…..and then an hour long call with another set of potential clients.  Well, not potential anymore.  They’re clients!  And that means we know where the Airstream is heading next.  Dahlonega, Georgia!  That’s the start of the Appalachian Trail, and it will be a total nostalgia trip to be sure.  I haven’t been there since February of 2001 when I started walking the AT.  We’ll be heading down somewhere in August, or at the latest we’ll be there by September 1st.  It all depends on one more potential client in CT…….but we’ll cross that bridge later.

So, there’s the wrap up!  You’re all caught up, and I’m all tired out again just from reviewing the past few days.  Seriously, I need to take naps again!  In conclusion….The Airstream will be at The Old Holbrook Place through July.  We might pull out at the start of August, or we might not.  But we do know the next destination, Georgia.  And when that’s wrapped up I’m thinking the Airstream will be pointed west once again.  I have a feeling Bret is going to be needing some more tech support in the very near future.

As always, if you know anyone we can help with their online mobile presence point them our way.  We can fit them in to be sure!

Whew, long post!



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