The Airstream will soon be pointed West!

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As we’re starting to wrap up our project with Hiker Hostel, thoughts of the next destination come to mind.  Where next you might be asking?


We’ve been on the Eastern Seaboard since the start of June.  And here we are today, half way through August.  Once we’ve completed work with our current clients we have nobody lined up yet.  With that in mind it’s time to start rolling westward in the hope that come September 15th we’ll find our Kickstarter project funded, and we’ll be ready to begin documenting monuments.  Of course, it might be the case that we don’t get the funding.  In that event we’ll be looking for more clients.  But with the Fall quickly approaching I’d rather be on the other side of the country!  🙂

The Route

I’m thinking of swinging through TN once again to say hi to a friend.  And after that?  Retracing last year’s route across the country.  I really enjoyed the route we picked last year.  MS, TX, OK, NM, and finally CO.  It was a fun ride, and it was all Blue Highways from TN onward!  Well, a short bit of time on I-40, but only for part of one day.

If we follow the same course it will take 5 days from Tennessee to Colorado.  And it will be a leisurely pace.

Colorado Thoughts

After arriving in Colorado I’m planning on doing some up front work on the monuments project.  Spend 3 days of research and walking around in Hovenweep.  And then do the same in Canyon of the Ancients.  My previous visits there have never been lengthy.  And once I’ve really taken the time in each location I’ll do full write ups here on the Airstream Chronicles.

Beyond trying to document two monuments I think there will be a little R&R.  The current business account says we can’t take too much time, but maybe a few days for just enjoying myself!  A trip to Durango, maybe Silverton, and maybe even Ouray (never been there).  We’ll have to see and play it by ear!

  • Date:  8/16/14
  • Camped at:  Turner’s Campsites
  • Fee:  $31.50 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $575
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $35.93
  • Mileage:  0
A small stream running off from one of the many waterfalls here.

A small stream running off from one of the many waterfalls here.

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  1. Ouray, CO is quite nice with it’s surrounding mountains. We were looking for sights to see and by chance we saw a commercial jeep tour, which we followed to an old mine high in the mountains.

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