The Business of Photography

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Over the years The Airstream Chronicles Continued has evolved.  A year on the road, finding a new home, developing a new business.  And the evolution continues.

Today I’m announcing a new category of posts I’ll be doing, and hopefully readers will find the new topics helpful and informative.  See, I’m going to start talking detail about building a photography business, the realities, the tragedies, and everything in between.  I’ll try to make a weekly column, or worst case scenario every other week.  But I guarantee we’ll be on this topic for a while and it won’t fall by the wayside no matter how busy I get.

Since I started really working on my own photography as a business venture I’ve had a ton of painful lessons.  Reading around the web I haven’t found too much on the business of photography.  Sure there are amazing tutorials out there from the likes of Scott Kelby, Drew Gardner, Zack Arias, Joel Grimes, James Quantz, Ben Wilmore, Joe McNally, Kevin Kubota,  and more (those guys are some of my favorites you know).  You can find instructors on everything photographic.  Lighting, HDR, Web developing, editing, shooting techniques.  It’s all out there.  Heck, I’ve done some tutorials, but then I asked myself why I’m re-inventing the wheel.  Other folks are out there doing it.  What can I offer that’s unique?

Well, here’s the topic.  And it’s a tough one.  You can be an amazing shooter and have a failing business.  In some cases you can be a mediocre photographer and have an amazing business.  What separates successful photographers from the rest?  A big part is actually understanding the business side of the equation.  And that’s something many photographers fall down on, or worse yet, don’t even consider.

So, in the coming weeks and months we’ll talk in depth about my business, my mistakes, the achievements, and how we work toward a successful photography business.  I’ll also talk about resources that are out there, but aren’t so easy to find like all of the fun tutorials out there.

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