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The changing face of RV’ing

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For two weeks we’ve been working with and  Two super cool RV Resorts here in Arizona.  Both offer adult communities for RV’ers who want to get away from the winter season in the northern part of the country, and they offer a lot.

While working with both resorts I’ve been thinking hard about RV travel, and the people we meet every day living in RV Parks.  Often when people think of RV Parks, and RV’ing in general, they think about people who have retired from work and are enjoying the “good life,” roaming the country.  But if you take a close look at RV’ers today you’ll find they’re getting younger.  And many of them are still working, but working from the road.

Young RV’ers with jobs & families

Over the course of my time Airstreaming I’ve met a ton of RV’ers and Airstreamers.  And you know what?  They’re not all retired.  Many work from the road thanks to technology.  A good number are now traveling with their families.  And every day I’m seeing that new RV’ing community grow.

This year I started really using Instagram.  An Airstream family I met told me that they’re using that to keep in touch with fellow travelers.  They’re using it to plan get-togethers and small caravans.  They’re using social media to keep connected to like minded travel enthusiasts.  And I am too now.  The interesting thing?

The list is growing.

I’m not the most popular Airstreamer on Instagram.  But my follow list grows every day.  And the majority of my followers are younger RV’ers who are working and traveling, often with their family along for the adventure.  They are the changing face of RV’ing

Tiny House, Simple Life, Etc…

Tiny House Movement

Want to talk tiny houses? Many RV Resorts offer Park Model homes. Tiny houses, tiny footprint, and a large community of like minded people

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a growing movement in American toward simplifying.  It’s not everybody, it’s an outlier group for the moment, but it’s gaining momentum.  There is so much written about the “TinyHouse” movement these days.  People choosing smaller homes in order to live a simpler life.  When I first headed out in the Airstream that wasn’t my goal, but as time has gone on I have to say that 200 sq feet of space is workable.  Would I like a little more space?  Sure!  But I’m okay for the moment.

As more people move toward small homes, or using RV’s as homes and working from the road, I wonder how the RV industry will respond?  Will the resort communities start marketing toward younger RV’ers?  Will parks highlight family friendly activities.  Bottom line…..are businesses involved with RV’ers noticing these younger mobile professionals?

Honestly I’m glad to see that I’m not an anomaly, and instead part of a growing community of folks doing things a little differently.  We all still have bills to pay and work to do, but with our Airstreams and RV’s, we can travel while we’re getting the job done.

Let’s see how things evolve, I’m really waiting for parks to notice this new band of technology workers roaming the country.

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