The Christmas Blogging Holiday Is Over!

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Ah yes, a few of rest were required.  But now it’s time to get back to work, ponder marketing, write commercial shoot proposals, etc.  Why is it when you take a few days off it feels like you have a few weeks to catch up on?

I hope everyone out there had a great holiday.  And yes, you’ve got one more in front of you, New Years!  2014 is just about here.  I’m curious to see what type of year it will turn out to be.

On the move again

The Airstream will be heading out of Arizona in the near future.  Looking for warmer climates and potential customers.  I’m looking forward to hitching up and moving on.  It’s been great seeing Prescott again, but I’m seriously getting a little stir crazy with the length of the stop over.  Couldn’t be helped though.  Things come up and you stay longer then you anticipated.

Of course, I’ll be rolling through Prescott again in the Spring.  But the stay won’t be nearly as long.  And that’s good by me.  Travel calls.

Updates over at RLC Design

This morning I posted a 5 minute long video about mobilized websites.  If you’re dying to see my happy face, listen to me drone on for 5 minutes, or you’re curious about what it is I’m up to exactly you can check out the post by clicking here.

Talking with friends, fellow travelers, and one interesting recent contact from the creator of AllStays, I have to say that I see a lot of promise in the concept of mobilizing websites for smaller RV parks out there.  There is a need.  I think the big part is getting park owners and managers to fully understand the guests they might be missing out on.

I know for a fact that many parks out there do have an advertising budget.  And currently a lot of the smaller parks are spending the way they always have.  On print publications.  Guide books, club books, etc.  Frankly with the tech rolling around in RV’s today a lot of folks aren’t using these travel guides like they used to.  They’re using smartphone apps, review sites, Google, and all the other search engines out there.  The shift from print media to digital has happened, but some folks haven’t kept pace with the changing tech.

So, I’m hopeful for a busy 2014.  And I’m looking forward to helping parks get their online presence up to date.


The Airstream will be headed out to Borrego Springs.  That’s the next short travel hop.  I’ll be meeting with a few old Airstream friends I’ve made over the years.  And I’m also looking forward to photographing around Salton Sea, Slab City, and the rest of the oddball locations in the area.

I keep thinking I’d like to do some type of edgy “post apocalyptic” portrait shoot in the area, but alas I don’t know any folks out there who might want to do a shoot.  Maybe I’ll just stumble across the perfect subject while I’m out there.  We’ll have to wait and see.

And that’s the latest from here

With all of that typing energy released, I am now off.  Meeting a portrait client in 2 hours to discuss their shoot.

Have a great end of 2013 everyone!

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  1. If you are traveling near Lake Havasu City feel free to stop by. There is room to park the Airstream in the yard in front of mine. Just got the 2ed Epson 3880 running. It has Peizo carbon pigments, instead of Epson inks, and will print excellent B&W continuous tone prints but what I got it for is printing continuous tone negatives on Pictorico. Unlike digital negatives printed with Epson inks I can use these to print platinum prints just like we did with large format camera negatives but now being able to do post processing in PS. Just got it running last week but had a friend from Santa Fe come by last week and we did some platinum negatives and prints and I did 15 prints yesterday from a model shoot, both prints and negatives worked great.

    Cheers, Jim 928-4533325

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