The Desert Airstream

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This morning I woke up and it was freezing out.  Frost on the windshield, I needed gloves, and two layers plus a jacket.  Now as I sit here typing I find myself in shorts, a light shirt, and my Chacos.  A lot can change in a day!


It has been 5 years now since the Airstream crossed the state line into California.  That’s how long it has been since I got out to Borrego Springs.  2009 was the last visit with the Airstream, and that’s just sad.

Today the Airstream is parked in the desert on BLM property.  Find yourself a level site in the desert and claim it as your own.  Getting out of the Titan I realized I was way over dressed.  So a quick change and I was ready for a warm January afternoon in the desert.

It’s currently 72 here, no real humidity, and I am comfy!  Who knows….maybe I’ll get a tan this week.  To my family and friends back in New England……think warm thoughts guys!

If I could have visited Borrego every year I would have.  Unfortunately with the previous business I found myself lacking the time and means to get out for what had started to be a yearly trip.  Meet up with a few Airstream friends, enjoy the warm California desert, go on some hikes, get cactus stuck into a boot…..all the fun stuff you do on a trip.  With luck, this can become a yearly trip once again.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with some old friends who introduced me to Borrego.  They’ll be pulling in later in the afternoon, and we’ll catch up then.  Can’t wait to see them!

Well, that’s the update from the Airstream.  Time to make some dinner and then setup to do a few sets of star trail photos for the evening.  It is so nice out, I’ll take advantage of it while I can…….




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