The excitement is building!

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Alright, we’re less than 24 hours away from an Airstream trip.  I’m just slightly excited!  Who’s with me???

elements-of-sedona-1-of-1Currently I’m at the gallery printing a new 24 x 36″ wrap of a recent shot that I think I like.  I spent over an hour correcting a haloing issue this morning in Photoshop, and I’ve finally declare the print good to go.  Well, I hope it’s good to go……

I’ll tell you, prepping files for print is slightly difficult today.  The mind drifts off to thoughts of where to go first, what to photograph, where to camp, etc.

Wait a minute.  No place picked yet to camp?  Are ya crazy?  Nope, not at all.  Remember, my previous travels on Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles?  Some of my best finds were by the seat of my pants.  Why change a travel formula that works?  I’ve got a few places in mind, so let’s leave it at that!

On top of my excitement regarding the trip I’m also distracted by all the “goings on” here at the gallery.  This morning I had a client come in to retrieve some canvas reproductions I did for her last week.  She dropped off 16 4×5’s to scan as well.  Talk about a nice bump on the financial front!  Once I’m done blogging I’ll begin scanning and cataloging her works!

So, bet you’re wondering the final destination, right?  Well, we don’t know where the camping will occur, but I can share where I’ll be visiting.  Bisbee, Toombstone, Ruby, San Xavier Del Bac, and a few other points of interest.  Yup, heading for southern Arizona.  I’ve got the Ghost Town bug really bad.

Oh, and I’ll also be getting my Airstream Fridge looked at.  A recall on Dometics that’s sweeping RVers everywhere.  Please don’t blow up in flames on the trip my little Fridge.   That would bum me out!

So, there you have it.  I’m excited on the business front, excited on the travel front, and extremely excited about a few stops the the photographic potential they offer!

Next blog entry will be from the road!

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  1. Rich, that HDR is spectacular!

    The haloing thing really bothers me in most of the HDRs I see, but you’ve dealt with that in the main part of the sky where it would have detracted from the picture and kept it where it enhances the picture, like the upper left. Well done sir!

    In fact I like it well enough that in the spring when I take my road trip to wherever my car takes me, I may need to drop by the gallery in person and get me one to hang on my wall!

    I’ve never been to Arizona, or Colorado where a childhood friend has invited me so I will have to include those two states on my trip. And they just happen to offer great photo potential, which is the whole purpose of the trip. Expanding my horizons and all.

    Enjoy your trip, Rich, and all the best in 2009. Something tells me it will be your best year ever!


  2. Sweet shot and nice job on the halo’s… I look forward to seeing a print the next time I swing by.

  3. YAY! Y’all have fun… I’ll be here taking the trip along with y’al… virtually, of course…LOL!

    Here’s to a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous 2009!

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