The fake photo inquiries continue!

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Several weeks ago I wrote about the fraudulent wedding inquiries.  Well, steam is picking up on that front.  This weekend I received 3 more bogus wedding booking requests.  All reading like the last.  Interestingly enough, the e-mail format has changed slightly.

Hi, I’m Charlotte Hughes . Found contact on PDNONLINE . Tim & I will be getting married in less than 3 months time . We’re asking for a package list which includes 6-8 hours of shooting time amongst a few other items . Package to exclude the engagement/ bridal sessions. Please let us know if you will be available for Saturday, JUNE 23rd, 2012.

Please email back confirming your availability. Thank you
Charlotte Hughes.

Now one thing I’ve found is that the scammers are finding photographers to target via PPA and PDNonline.  I am a member of PPA and WPPI.  And they’re great organizations.  They do help real clients find photographers, and I’ve personally gotten 2 new clients thanks to my information on the PPA website.  Unfortunately, scammers can find us there too.  And there must be some payoff for them as the e-mail requests are becoming more frequent.

So heads up photographers.  Jennifer, Kelly, Charlotte, and the rest of the faking wedding photo clients are fishing for you!  No money orders to hold dates!  Period.

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