The final blow

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As you sort things out and find stability something always seems to give way.  Why it happens is beyond me, but it happens and that’s that!

Today marked the end of and  Hackers!  Those cute cuddly hackers.

As long time readers know my original site was titled “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.”  For several years I’ve documented travels, trials, adjustments, and the beginning of a new life in Prescott, AZ.  And I’ve done it all from an Airstream.

That’s where the whole Airstream Chronicles concept came from.  The Airstream has been my home for a while now.  Not very original as far as the title, but it worked.  That’s also why this site’s title is what it is.  Bottom line, my Airstream Blog got trashed!

Long time readers also know that I began having problems with my site months ago.  Actually, it all began when I started writing about scamming websites and phishing e-mails that I received.  I stopped writing about all of that when an extremely disturbing threat came my way from one of the people behind the scams.  I backed off at the time with good reason.

Since that point in time I let it go.  But the same week the threats began the major hacks on my sites began as well.  Today they struck the final blow.

I left the old sites in place, and hackers began working away at the infrastructure.  Today my old e-mail addresses went down, and when I logged into my IX Webhosting account I found new folders, files I was locked out of, and my e-mail accounts trashed.  Not good.

After sorting through the damage to the Digital RV and Hikenbike I decided it was time to take down the entire structure of the sites.  The mail accounts were toast and it was clear that new pages were being built by the hackers.  No way I was about to let that continue.

Fortunately I’ve backed up my original data and I have the files to rebuild someday.  Just not today.  That will be quite the project.  Rebuilding the podcast site, the Airstream Chronicles, and the Digital RV?  Yeah, something of a job.

I’m happy to say that I put this website together before the final attack.  And it’s sad to know that hackers will go to such lenghts.  Here’s hoping my new host does a better job of helping me protect my new site!

For all of you who e-mail to my address or my address, time to update your e-mail contact for me.  I’ll be sending out alternate addresses in the next few days.

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  1. So I guess Mom’s email won’t work too?!? Some people have too much time on their hands. They can come to my house and I will put them to work.

  2. Sorry to hear the hackers are attacking again. The Digital RV was a great site and so was HikeNBike. Be sure to send me the new email address.

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