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This weekend I continued to figure out how to reach more people and make it easier to purchase prints online.  The slow season is coming up, and getting on the road sounds sensible given the track record I’ve experienced every August since I started my business.  Talking with friends I’ve decided on a few more updates to the site.  Hey, every little thing adds up, right?

A new banner bar

When folks visit the site and only look at individual posts they miss out on the sidebar of the main website.  So the link to purchase prints isn’t available.  In order to address that I’ve added a new banner bar at the top of individual posts.  This might help reach folks who wouldn’t know they can purchase my prints online as well as in the galleries I show at.

I’ll toy around with the graphic more in the near future, but for now this should suffice.  I’m not digging the lower text like I am the upper text.  Presentation, right?

In addition to the new banner I’m also taking a suggestion from a friend this morning and doing one more thing…….

Donations are accepted

Talking with a very old friend this morning the suggestion was made that I pop up a donations button here as well.  He’s already gotten many of my prints and doesn’t have wall space presently.  But he’d like to see the Airstream Chronicles back on the road during August as it’s a daily read for him.  Normally I’ve only sold prints and books via the website and never sought donations, but he made a good argument that spurred some thought.

Last week with the initial push for folks to see the Zenfolio site and purchase prints I got a ton of response, but not a ton of buying.  More often than not private e-mails, Facebook messages, etc, all wrote that they enjoyed the images.  Then came the next quesiton…..  “How do you do them?”

For years I’ve given tons of free advice, tutorials, etc on this website and my previous one.  So yeah, I guess if folks want to see fresh new images from across the country popping a donation button up as well can’t hurt.  Readers are welcome to donate any amount they’d like to help get this cross country photo trip on it’s way for August.





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