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The Lightroom 4 class is full

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Alright folks.  We’ve filled the June 30th Lightroom 4 class already!

People have already been asking when we’ll be doing the next one.  What I’ve found doing these over the past few years is that you’ve got to wait until you know you’re going to have a full room.  Otherwise you have a few signups here and there, and a class for a handful of folks doesn’t really make sense.  So, the next Lightroom 4 class will be taking place on September 29th of 2012.  If you’re interested in saving a seat in that one please feel free to drop an e-mail or make a comment here on the blog.

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  1. I believe I am registered for the lightroom class on June 20th
    PLEASE CONFIRM with directions
    Thank You
    Carolyn Williams

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