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The Living in Tin Collection

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Yesterday I finished uploading the first official “Living in Tin” Spring edition to MagCloud.

What is Living in Tin?  Well, it’s my set of collected images that I’ve shot over the years while living full time in the Airstream.  I’ve taken my Ghost Towns and Favorite Landscapes and added them to the Living in Tin collection.  I’ve also dropped the prices on the publications to where I’m only pulling a few dollars out of each.

Over the past few months I’ve kept copies of my Favorite Landscapes magazine, just to show and share with people, and folks always want to buy it immediately.  Right now I don’t have any in the Airstream as my last 2 sold in Borrego and I haven’t been anywhere long enough to get the publications shipped in.  I might get a few more on order today.

What’s really cool is when people see the publications in person they want to buy one immediately!  That’s a nice compliment.  Online sales?  Yeah, not so much.  I don’t know if it’s bad monitor calibrations or what.  I promise, the print quality is amazing and not blown out or too dark (depending on your screen).  Oh, and if you do the digital copy it looks great on Android and IOS devices.

I thought it would be best to announce the new issue, “Living In Tin.”  Going forward all the publications I do with MagCloud will come under that label.  The publications are about the images, and the images are all getting made while full timing.  This is the way I’ve decided to share collections of prints with people going forward, and I hope folks find them interesting and appealing.


Take a look through the previews if you’d like.  All you have to do is click the image above and it will take you to the new MagCloud collection I’ve created.  Enjoy!

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