The long holiday weekend…. A few days of no blogging

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After the month of straight blogging I gave myself a few days off.  Not really from work, but from the blog.  Hey, everyone gets to take a break now and then!

Four days off from blogging, 2 days off from work.  Feeling kind of refreshed.

Yesterday I came into the studio to run a ton of canvas.  Lots of orders at the end of last week, so lots of printing yesterday.  I did let myself get out of the studio by 1:00 p.m. (had come in at 7:30), so we could call it a partial day off.  See, we did a cook out at the Airstream last night.  Gunny, Ben, Ryan, & Jodi were all present for some amazing steaks.  Of course, it finally rained in the Dells.  So, we worked around the downpours and found ourselves hiding under the awning and in the Airstream.


Saturday was uneventful. Laundry, resting, reading. Ya know. Normal weekend stuff.

Sunday was a fun one full of action, excitement, adventure, danger, and water.

We’d planned a trip over to Bull Pen (near Camp Verde).  You can go swimming in the river there.  Cool water on a hot Arizona day?  Yeah, sounds good.

While on our way over Francine called.  She’d headed out ahead of us with a friend.  Arriving at Bull Pen she found a drugged out dude who was all bloodied up.  Some kind of drug deal gone wrong.  Really wrong.  She called us to let us know that they’d be going elsewhere.  The police were notified, etc, etc.

Well, we decided to drive in still figuring the drug guy was gone.  Wrong.  He was walking up the dirt road looking all sorts of messed up.  He hailed us, asked if we’d seen the police yet.  He then wanted us to come down to Bull Pen where his son was waiting for him.  Uh, yeah, sounds safe to me.  If you’d seen this guy you’d understand.


We decided to turn around and make new plans. Fossil Creek. Yeah, I’ve been there before.  Beautiful place.

Heading into Fossil we found we weren’t alone.  Lots of cars heading in.  Rough road, so it was a long ride behind non off road vehicles.  Why don’t people get over???  🙂

When we finally arrived near the waterfall we’d gotten around dozens of other vehicles.  Still, it wasn’t too mobbed.  That would change though.

We found the perfect swimming hole just a little way down from the main waterfall (the big attraction).  There were already dozens of people at the falls, so we figured it would be nice to have a quieter spot.  Many of the folks at the falls had beer cans, whiskey bottles, and the rest.  Standard day on the water, right?

After several hours of lounging in the water we noticed more and more people rolling in.  Brown paper bags started floating by (got hit in the back by one), children’s sandals, socks, and other fun plastic wrappers.  The folks up stream from us were having too good of a time it seamed.  We finally decided to head out.

Getting back to the road we found out that more than a few people had arrived since our early arrival.  We literally passed HUNDREDS of cars parked on both sides of the dirt road.  At points it was very tight for the Titan to get through.  People meandering in the road just wouldn’t move either.  Neat…….?

While it was a pretty morning at Fossil I will look for other places in the future.  Too many people out there, too many cars, and in the end too much garbage floating by me.  Ick!  However, even with all of that Fossil was much nicer than hanging out at Bull Pen with a bloody drug deal gone wrong dude who was still clearly whacked out on something!

Alrighty, blogging resumes today!  🙂


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