The Modest Client

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Recently I did a portrait session for a new client that came out amazing.  As I offloaded images I was truly blown away and a little impressed with the work I did.  Of course the subject matters too, and this client has a model quality style.  It’s the kind of work I really want to share here.  But I won’t be sharing.

See, this client is extremely modest.  They’ve actually avoided doing any type of portraits in their life.  But a life changing event gave them the push they needed to get some photos done.

Last week we reviewed our session together and picked some images to print.  Just great stuff all around, and even the client who was extremely nervous about the shoot really dug the shots.  Mark one more win up for the home team.

As we wrapped up our review and selection session the client asked me, “I know you show examples of your work online.  Could you not use my images?”

Now as photographers everything we make is our copyright.  We use images from our shoots in our own marketing material to show potential clients.  But I think we do have to honor the wishes of our clients when it comes to images of them even if we still retain rights to the images.  If you’ve got an extremely modest client, no matter how amazing and flattering the images are to them, maybe you can take a pass on that one set of images.  Am I wrong here?

In the end you won’t be seeing any of those images on this blog or my main site.  It’s a bummer to me, but I understand the client’s needs and I think it’s important to know when to let one go.

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