The Monsoons are still here

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Yesterday was a pretty good day off.  A little consulting, a little shopping, and a good deal of napping.  Yup, good day.

Last evening the storm clouds really rolled in.  Did I get any photos of the clouds?  Nope, sorry about that.  The whole napping thing.  🙂

By 7:30 p.m. the full force of a monsoonal storm rolled in.  Lightning strike after strike could be viewed out my front window.  Just amazing.  And the downpour experienced here at Point of Rocks was one I haven’t seen in quite a while.

The Monsoons are still here.  Go figure.  I thought they’d be done by now, as they were last year.  Ah well, glad I don’t work as a weather forecaster.

Although, I’m probably as accurate as they are……  😛

This morning things are drying out.  Looks a little rough around the Airstream.  Things get washed all over during the monsoons.  Once it all dries out I need to break out the broom and clean up a bit!

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  1. Last year we were shortchanged a bit. While the monsoon tapers off, it’s usually still with us into the first half of September. Besides, there’s Julio down in the Sea of Cortez heading toward AZ with a load of rain.

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