The next contest coming up……

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Well, the next contest announcement this isn’t……

But I thought I’d give readers a heads up about the next contest now.  Already had our first contest winner here, and it was a cool shot.  Thanks for sharing Brooke.

So, what’s the next one going to be about.  Do you need to do acrobatics while taking a picture.  No, not at all.

The next contest is going to be a black and white contest.  That’s right, black and white.  One of the entries, Tombo, was a very cool black and white of a feather on pavement.  I really liked the whole setup and photo.  And when I spent time looking at it I thought we should do a black and white contest next go round.

So, this is a head’s up.  Start thinking black and white.  I’ll be announcing the contest in a few weeks.  And this time it’s going to be a quick contest, only a week for submissions.  Be sure to let other photographers know about it.  Same prize, a 16×24 of the winning image to the winner on canvas.  Not too shabby!

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  1. Rich,

    I’ll probably be on the road when you start and stop this contest, so I’d like to get an early admission dispensation, if you please.

    My B&W Flickr gallery is at

    The one I’d submit first is called MSY_0706, which you might recognize as the one we printed on a tile.

    Second would probably be JoshuaTree015.

    And third would probably be Flower060.

    I know that it is cheating to submit 3, but it is hard to pick among your children. Have a look at these in the largest size.

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