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Experimenting with making a white background go black.

Alright, so what’s going on exactly?  The new and exciting stuff and everything that goes with it?

Well, read on……..

Exclusive meeting times for all clients

First and foremost, RL Charpentier Photography is getting on a schedule.  That means a lot for my clients, and as well all adjust to the changes I think it’s really going to help streamline things for everyone involved.

Appointy has a WordPress plugin that is just amazing.  It’s a scheduling system that I’ll be using going forward.  And several clients have already started using it!  Thanks for testing it out for me gang!

The plugin is a calendar.  You select the service, then it tells you what days I’m available for that service.  Once you pick the day it will show you all the open hours.  Select your time and submit.  That’s it.  I’ll receive an e-mail and get reminders before you come in.  Nice.  You can check out my scheduler here.

Why am I getting “appointment” oriented?  Simple.  I find myself spending long periods of time with painters going through color matches.  We work together to get things exactly where the painters want them.  And over the past 2 years we get interrupted over and over again.  No more of that.  My clients are important to me and deserve my full attention.  So that’s what they’ll be getting going forward.

What’s my schedule look like?

Tuesday – Thursday I will guarantee you that I’m on location at the studio.  Friday – Monday I will not be in studio unless clients contact me for photo shoots, imaging, etc.  So that means “walk ins” can catch me guaranteed 3 days a week.  The rest of the time has to be appointment only.  That frees me up for more classes, my own shoots, and location shoots.

Upcoming Classes

February will see one class.  Intro to Lightroom on the 27th.  If you need more information or want to sign up please stop by the Art Store by The Frame and I.  They’ve got the class sign up on hand.

I’ll be planning another Vermillion Cliffs / Grand Staircase 3 day workshop for March / April.  Check back here next week and I’ll have a firm date.  Additionally I’ll be offering another 2 day HDR Workflow class at the Vulture Mine in March as well.  Firm dates will be up shortly.

Have a class idea you’d like to run by me?  Get in touch!

Portrait Sessions

My newest service is taking off gang busters.  To all my new clients, thanks for giving me a whirl.

If you’re interested in a shoot please read through my Portrait Sessions section on the main web site.  Follow the link right here. I’m approaching things a little differently, so if you have questions on pricing please contact me for further information.  Guarantee you, in the long run you’ll save a lot financially, and you’ll actually get great images from any shoot with me!  One of the big selling points for my portrait work?

You’ll actually be in focus…….

Seriously, bigger deal than you think………  🙂  How about getting all of your prints from the session at a reasonable rate?  Yeah, portrait clients get 25% off all prints after their portrait session.  If you do a lot of prints you’ll find the value proposition to be sure!

Gallery Management?

In this new situation I am no longer with the gallery.  Previously Ian and I split everything in the last location.  Through my own learning experience I’ve found that the smarter business move for myself is to focus on reproduction work, photography, & classes.  Galleries are a labor of love you know.  And my interest lies in my own niche.  What’s all that mean?

Don’t ask me questions about gallery policy, hanging in the gallery, etc.  When you come to see me it’s as a photographer, printer, color match specialist, or instructor.  All gallery related questions can be directed to Ian Russell.  Pretty simple, right?  😉

More to come…..

But I’ve got to finish cleaning out the old space!  Ah, it’s nice to be blogging again!

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