The photographer’s photographer?

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I’m all about compliments.  Give them often, enjoy them when you receive them as well.  Today I was paid a great compliment……  Another Prescott based photographer popped in the studio to have me shoot him for a few projects he’s working on.

A long time pro asking me to shoot them?  Yeah, you want to talk about a compliment?  That’s a big one!


In addition to photography, Rick is also an active musician.  And that’s what we were really working on today.  Rick had some ideas for composites with some of his original images and we all know I love doing composite work.  So we spent about an hour and a half doing setups based on each of his images.  Talk about a fun project!

Now comes the tough part.  Merging Rick with several of his original pieces.  I’ll be working these up for a few days, and I’ll share one or two when I’m done here.

If you want to know more about Rick’s works pop on by his website.  He’s got a new book out with some of his collected works throughout the years.  Some very compelling images!

Oh, and by the way……  No pressure like shooting for another person who does what you do.  🙂  It was a fun experience and we both had a good time.  That’s the key for me when working with other people.  Making sure that we all have fun with the project!  And this is a fun one.

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