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Over the past few weeks I’ve fielded a lot of client questions.

  • How can I calibrate my monitor better?
  • What’s the deal with RAW?
  • What am I losing shooting JPEG?
  • My printer doesn’t output what my screen shows me.  What do I do?
  • I just can’t get a handle on Lightroom.  Where do I go?
  • How can I make more stylized images?
  • Where can I learn more about HDR?

Let me tell you.  The answers are easier to find than you think.  Just the other morning you know what I was doing?  Attending a Webinar put on by XRite.  They’re the guys that make my Color Munki Photo and Color Checker Passport.  Now, I know how to use the Color Munki and the Color Checker.  But do I know everything?  Probably not.  I don’t spend all my time working with these products.  They’re used sporadically.  And go figure, the webinar did teach me a few new things.  So cool.

By the way, the Webinar was free.  They’ve got a bunch scheduled.  Tune in to one if you like.  Additionally, they have the webinars archived.  So, if you can’t attend live you can watch it later down the road.

Now attending a webinar or watching it later does require something of you.  A commitment of your time.  The one I just attended went a little over an hour.  Things got covered that weren’t exactly on topic, but that was cool.  It’s great when instructors add that extra information.

XRite isn’t the only company offering Webinars.  I’ve been attending them over the past few months regularly.  OnOne Software, Topaz Labs, Nik Software.  Yup, hit each of them in the past 5 weeks.  Sure, I have to set aside an hour or two, but this is the business I’m in.  Keeping up with what’s new is a must for me.  You don’t have to load yourself up attending every one of them offered by vendors, but I’m just telling you the resources are there.  And the best part is they’re very instructive.  I’ve been using Topaz for years now, and the last webinar they did taught me a lot!

So, got questions?  I bet there’s a webinar out there that will address them.  Take a look around the net, I’m sure you’ll find them.


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