The social media blackout is over

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Okay, time has been taken away from the blog.  And I barely looked at Facebook, and only posted a few random things that had to be posted.  And now we’re back.

Thinking on it, I’ve been blogging since 2006 almost daily.  If you look at my yearly post statistics you’ll find that I average a post a day even when taking days off.  For those who can’t follow that, sometimes I post more than one thing a day.  So each year I average about 360 posts.

Of course this year the blog has been getting less attention from me.  Not much to blog about.  I don’t want to post each day that little is going on, or that the business is flat lined.  That gets depressing quick, and putting it down into the blog actually doesn’t help.  So time away was required.  And it was a good break.

Now the break is over though.  I’m re-energized and ready to take one last swipe at getting the business and me where I need to be.  And this should be interesting.  I’ve given myself the deadline of December to either stop living like a grad student (financially), or close up shop and see about throwing in with a few old friends back in the engineering world.  In that world you get to get paid for the work you do, and I miss that.

It should be an interesting couple of months.  We’ll see how the Class of 2013 responds to my Senior Model Rep program, and if we drum up some new business there.  Maybe if business picks up we’ll see the Airstream hit the road again.  Or maybe you’ll follow me through the ending of my business and restarting in my old line of work (which would require a cross country move implying an Airstream trip too).

Stay tuned.  We’ll all see what happens together.  For some reason folks really do like following along when there’s a “who will be voted off the island next” theme going on.  🙂

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