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saddlemtn (1 of 1)Ah, there’s a new button on the top navigation bar here.  It’s simply called “Shop.”

For years I’ve had an account over at Zenfolio.  It cost me a few hundred a year to have an online resale point.  Unfortunately almost every year I had it I actually sold so little that it didn’t even cover the cost of keeping the Zenfolio account.  No slight on them, folks just weren’t buying online.  Often times I’d hear from folks that things looked too dark or too bright.  And often times those people didn’t realize that their monitors were to blame, not the actual images.

With a recent client sitting with us while working on their website they kept complaining that the site and their images looked too dark.  So I showed them (Mac user) the buttons on their keyboard for raising or lowering the brightness of their screen…..they had no idea!  And they were so happy to have a brighter screen.

Months ago I closed my Zenfolio account down.  $250 a year that didn’t generate $250 in sales?  Yeah, not a good business plan for me.

But here I am once again talking about selling images?  Yup, I just added a shop to my own website.  I’ve been doing that for clients for years, but never for myself.  You will note it’s rudimentary right now, but it will soon fill in nicely.  Everything I’ve ever shot wont be up there.  Only those items that I select as my favorite all time images will go up.  And they’re all limited (very limited) edition.

Currently there are 4 images up.  3 favorites from the Grand Canyon, and one favorite from the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  Each image that hits my site will have a limited run of only 25 prints on metal.  There are multiple sizes to select from, but after 25 are sold (no matter the size) I will not be offering them for sale ever again.  Yup, that’s super limited edition.

For all of you who have told me over the years that someday you’d like to get one of my images….now is the time.  If any favorites you have hit the site it’s time to stop delaying.  The metal prints offered through MPix are something to see.  And they’re all setup as float mounts so they’ll stand off the wall nicely.  And once the series is done, it’s done.

So, give the Shop button a click.  And stop by regularly to see what gets added.  I can tell you for a fact, several more Vermillion Cliffs images will go up this week, and in the distant future I think we’ll see a few Ghost Town images once more.  Keep the Airstream Chronicles going, Shop today!

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