things are looking brighter

Things are looking brighter here at the Airstream!

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Things have been feeling a little grim around the Airstream over the past few months.  Fall and the chilly onset of winter, combined with slow business and financial concerns, left things feeling a little dark.  But you can’t be in a bad spot forever.  And things are definitely looking brighter here at the Airstream!

It also helps that the days are getting longer again.  That right there means things are looking brighter!

Scheduling for the Spring

Currently on the business front we’re talking with 2 different potential clients.  Today I’ll be out talking with an artist about their current outreach program.  And next week I’ll be laying the ground work for a project that starts in March.  We’ve been changing our business model based on the success our previous customers have experienced (and are still experiencing).  So we’re looking to book 10 new projects this year, and so far it looks like 2 of the 10 slots are going to be filled!

Things are looking brighter

I’m looking forward to exploring and shooting again in 2016!

Additionally, we did a small job recently with a local business that has worked out incredibly.  In the case of this client, things are looking brighter for him as well, and it looks like his business should have an extremely profitable year!

So yes, it’s looking better all around!  And you know what that means…..Airstream travel once again!

Help us get on the road

So, looking for more stories from Utah, Colorado, California, and more?  Well, I’d be happy to put pixels to screen for sure.  Here’s how you can help…..

If you know a park or resort that desperately needs a website makeover, pass their information along to us.  Over the course of the past few years we’ve proven time and again that the sites we build drive guests to parks all over the country.  So not only would you be helping us get on the road for the year, you’d be helping your favorite park get more customers (meaning that park will be open when you want to visit).

As I said above, looks like we’ve got our first two clients for the remainder of February and March.  So we’re looking for 8 more locations between April and December of 2016!

Now, go enjoy some sunshine

As my blogging drive isn’t totally there yet, it’s time to step outside and enjoy the sun.  The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing around the Airstream, and I don’t have to wear two jackets at the same time today.  Early spring?  Or mother nature fooling about a bit?  I don’t know, but I do know it’s really nice out today!

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