Time with a Think Tank

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Shot with the Iphone since my cameras were in the bag 🙂

For Christmas I received something very cool.  My very own Think Tank bag.  I’ve used it for almost a month now and I dig it more now than I did the day I received it.  Of course I’m still working out my final packing system for it

So, what’s in the bag today?

  • Canon 5D II with my 24-70 f/2.8
  • Canon 7D with my 17-40 f/4
  • Canon 70-200 f/4 (one of my favorites)
  • Canon 50mm Macro
  • Canon 50mm prime
  • Chargers for the 5D/7D & 40D
  • 2 Grid spots for my speedlights (Honl)
  • 2 430 EX’s
  • 1 580 EX II
  • Couple of Rocket blowers
  • Arctic Butterfly
  • Hoods for each lens
  • Battery pack for the 580 EXII

That’s it so far.  The exterior compartment contains a few CF wallets for my cards, IPad connector, card readers, tether cables, cleaning supplies, etc.  When I first got the bag I actually had my 5D, 7D, & 40 D in it, but then I did some re-organizing.  I’m still working out the final layout of how I want gear, and I’ll get there I’m sure.

Here’s the bottom line with the bag.  It’s a monster.  You can fit a ton of gear into a compact space making it easy to travel with everything in one easy pack.  When we did the shoot for Merit the other week the Think Tank rolled around behind me in an industrial production facility for two days.  Gear stayed safe inside even with all the dirt and grime associated with a place that manufactures industrial equipment.  The shoot was easier thanks to the bag!

As I figure out my final layout I’ll repost again for you to see how I get the most use of the space allotted.

Oh, and a final note.  A few things were missing from the bag when I received it.  A quick call to Think Tank had everything squared away in no time.  Stellar support!!!

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