Tsunami, Classes, and a few other updates

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Hey everyone! Took a few days off from blogging as it was a busy weekend! And what’s coming up is going to be a busy week too. I’ll still try to update each day but we’ll have to see!

Tsunami on the Square

Last year you might recall I was a little disappointed about Tsunami on the Square.  I didn’t know when it was until days before the event.  This year that’s not the case.

Tsunami has really been drumming up the support.  They’ve reached out all over the community to help support the event, and it’s really come together.  To everyone involved with Tsunami, thanks for all your hard work!  I can’t wait to see this year’s event.

For those who wonder what’s happening?  This coming Saturday is the yearly Tsunami on the Square.  It’s a fun event with a little bit of everything!  Performers will be on the square all afternoon after the starting parade (at noon).  This is a family friendly event with plenty to see for both children and adults.  The event is sponsored by local businesses and private folks just like you.  Coming to the event costs you nothing, but if you enjoy yourself think about throwing some support toward Tsunami!  🙂

Photoshop and Lightroom Classes at the Art Store

Yesterday wrapped up the first Introduction to Photoshop for Digital Photographer’s class.  Next Sunday I’ll be holding the first introduction to Lightroom Class.  I learned a few things yesterday that will help improve future classes.

First off, I need the workshop signup to be more clear.  Each class is independent of the others, it’s not a series.  So, if you sign up for next weekend’s Lightroom class, it’s a one day only class.

I also learned to remind people that they need the latest updates from Adobe.  Several attendees had Photoshop installed, but hadn’t updated their Camera RAW in a while.  So, the could open some RAW files but not others.

Fortunately I provided DVDs with images and video instruction to each attendee, so they can go back through the course at any time they like.  That’s a plus.  But still, I feel bad that I did not remind everyone to update their software.  Lesson learned!

For anyone who attended yesterday’s class, you’re welcome to return to the next one to fully follow along.  🙂  The least I can do.

Love those web stats

I read with interest that Canonblogger.com just passed the 700 posts mark.  I’ve been following Jason’s blog for quite a while now, and enjoying it.  Way to go Jason.

Jason’s post got me curious, so I looked at my stats this morning to see where I’m at.  I’ll be coming up on 2 years with this website in August.  Of course, long time readers know I had “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles” from 2006 – 2008 (until it was hacked).  That was a busy site as I believe many readers were following my travels.  Now that I’m stationary the blogging has changed, I know that.

So, where are we at today?

This post will be #713.  Comments?  2016 in the last two years.  Wow!  Not bad at all.

Waiting on “the fix”

I mentioned recently that the HP Z3100 has been having some issues.  Specifically I’m having trouble printing on any Glossy papers.  Canvas, mattes, water color papers….all fine.  But glossy is a disaster.  I’ve spent weeks trying to resolve the issue.  No avail.

The other week I called into the extended service plan company, and they didn’t quite know what to do. The woman I spoke with told me there was no service center in my area, and she’d have to research the issue.  She’d call me back in 3-5 days.  Well, that 3-5 days went by, and I finally called back to see what the heck is going on.

What I found out was nothing was going on.  My issue was dispatched to a service center in MI, and nobody called.  The guy I spoke to called in a service request to a national group they deal with, and I was called by them immediately.  Unfortunately, as I talked to the scheduler my heart sank.

“So, this is a photo printer?”

“Yes, it’s the HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer GP.”

“Wow, I’m looking at what you paid for it.  That’s an expensive printer.  And you’re sure it’s a photo printer, right?”


“Well, I’ll schedule someone to come out next week, but I don’t know………”

Ah, nothing like inspiring faith in your customers!  🙂  So, this week we’ll see if I can get back in the glossy business, or if the system will have to be replaced.  One thing is for certain.  This issue has cost me many print jobs in the past few weeks.  Small businesses can’t afford “down time” for repairs, so I’ll be pushing the issue hard this week.

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