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A video preview – RV Solar Coolness

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We’ve been busy here in Casa Grande over the past week.  In total, I’m staying for 2 weeks in the area to work with Marvin of Precision RV.  The big upside is I’m learning so much about RV Solar……not enough to do it myself, but enough to be dangerous.

In case you’re wondering, my RV solar installation will be completed this weekend.  Another Precision RV client showed up this week with a very short window of time available to him.  So I didn’t mind being put on hold for a few days while this customer gets wrapped up.  It’s really nice to, giving me more photographic opportunities with different RV types that Precision RV works with!

Want to see something fun?

I’ve been compiling a fair amount of images over the past week while working with Precision RV.  RV Solar charge controllers, Lithium batteries (awesome), solar panels, hybrid inverters….  Oh yes, all of the toys.  And I find myself wishing that I had given more consideration to Lithium and and inverter as well.  But we’ll work with the system I initially wanted, see how we use it, and if we need to update down the road I know who to work with……

And now for the something fun.  Below you’ll find a quick teaser video that I finished last night for Precision RV.  Just a few quick highlights of the work they do.  And you’re getting to see it here first.  Oh, and there are other videos forthcoming but they’ll appear on Precision RV’s site before they do here!

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