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While I’m busy cranking away with work for clients I keep wondering about my own site.  Does it need a makeover?

The Airstream Chronicles Continued has used the same theme for years.  Sure, I modified the cascading style sheets, added a little here and there, but in the end it has remained static for years.

As I look at it, and see that it is already “mobilized,” I just don’t know.  So, I’ll ask my readers.

Is it time to give this site a makeover?  Or is it just fine and dandy as it stands?

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  1. On the one hand, the simplicity of the template allows your photography to “speak for itself.” Por la otra mano, not much of a showcase for your new business, now is it? The fact you didn’t create this template weighs in favor of a RC makeover.

    That’s my two pesos worth…

  2. I think the site at the moment focuses on telling your stories… on a secondary level mention that you’ve got photos for sale… and thirdly offers some space for Adsense.

    That serves the purposes for which I read the blog (which is usually in a feedreader anyway).

    If that’s what you want it to do, I’d say leave it as is. If you’re thinking you’d like to change or add priorities, then go for the change. I guess it’s about who you see reading the blog in the future, and what you want for/from them.

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