Where to go and what to do……

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It’s not like I’ve been out on the road with the Airstream for weeks at a time.  The bulk of my time lately is spent in a gallery next to a printer with a Mac in front of me and a secondary monitor to my right.  The Z3100 sits to my right, and occasionally when I roll around in my roller chair I bump into it.

These are not the moments that make super cool travel photos.

So, what are the moments that make super cool travel photos?

Wow, I could have cut and pasted half of that sentence.  I didn’t.  I should have.  Would have saved a lot of typing.

Places like Page, AZ, Coyote Buttes, White Pocket, Yellow Rock, Coral Dunes…….those will make cool travel photos.  Hey, I’ve totally got a list of names now.  Where did I come up with that?

Several books (here he goes with the books again).  Barnes and Nobel loves me, and I love them.  I love my new shed too.  The “book and bicycle storage warehouse.”

What are the books, where are they sending me?  Well, I’ll tell you the books, the “where to” part I’ll leave hanging out there.  And I won’t say much on the books beyond the fact that I highly recomend them.  Bottom line, those authors deserve a few dollars for their works, and I think you should pick them up!

  • Photographing the Southwest Volume I.  A guide to the natural landmarks of Southern Utah.  This book extends into AZ too.  Just amazing photography, great information, and a slew of places that aren’t over shot.
  • Photographing the Southwest Volume II.  A guide to the natural landmarks of Arizona.  Yup, same series, same author.  Laurent Martres.  I’d like to spend a few weeks shooting with him.  He knows the spots, he’s got the techniques, and he’s clearly a backcountry travel type of a person.  Glad he was kind enough to share his knowledge with the rest of us.
  • Finally, a recommendation from some new photography friends who live nearby (thanks Michael and Twila).  Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 5th edition by Michael R. Kelsey.  Great photos, great directions, great insights.  Covering the cool to the unknown in UT, AZ, & CO.  Just leafing through hike descriptions I found a small swatch of drool running out of the left corner of my mouth over and over again……..I’m going to need a drool guard when I really get into the book.

So, plans are happening…..books are being read…….drooling is occurring.  Gotta keep paper towels handy as I think about all this stuff.

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