Working from the Airstream – Home Business Extreme!

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I know there are a lot of home business owners out there who struggle with being a “home” business.  When is work done?  Do you get distracted by the “home” issues and let the “business” issues slide?  Because you don’t have a commute, do you sleep in longer than you should?

There are so many challenges for the home business operator.  And running your home business out of an Airstream?  Yeah, that’s extreme.  Spacial challenges arise, the feeling of claustrophobia can come up now and again, and at times you just might get stir crazy.  Add all that to the standard home business concerns and you’ve got a formula for not getting stuff done!


The Airstream dinette is not the optimal working environment….but it’s what I’ve worked with for years.

For example, days upon days of really cold temperatures have found me in the Airstream constantly, and I might be a little buggy at this point!

Fortunately I have used the time the freeze has afforded me to really get to work.  Database design for days on end (I can’t look at it any more).  Laying out a new publication slated for January 1 (you’ll have to wait and see).  Working on two websites.  And of course, working on promoting RLC Design.

This morning I posted another blog post over at RLC Design.  It includes a video covering the services we offer.  Basically, RL Charpentier Photography has been consumed by the parent corporation RLC Design.  Wow, it sounds like I’ve started a huge company.  In all honesty, it is a larger company with a few great consultants working with me.

Check out the post if you like.  A 5 minute video goes along with it.

Speaking of Publications

As I said above, a new publication will be coming out in January.  That’s the maximum teaser I’m going to do about it.  Let’s just say it includes a lot of photography you haven’t yet seen on the blog, stories that aren’t in the blog, and more information about what’s going on than what appears here.  Hey, it’s a behind the scenes I suppose.


PAZ Volume II - Favorite Landscapes

PAZ Volume II – Favorite Landscapes

Favorite images from 2007 through 2012. Landscapes from Arizona and Southern Utah.

Find out more on MagCloud


But before launching another publication I thought I’d remind readers that my favorite landscapes collection is still available at MagCloud.  I put this reminder up simply because the holidays are upon us and the collection would make for a great gift to anyone who loves images of the Southwest.  If you’d rather, you can even order the digital version instead of getting the physical print version.  We have solutions for limited funds!

I also put the reminder up because we’ve had 0 sales since before Black Friday.  In total, 20 sales including sales to myself for proofs, and several to family members.  For the vast number of folks who have always wanted a few of my images, I’m actually surprised and a little dismayed at the lack of purchases.  And for everyone who is so glad to see the blog back….  If I don’t earn a reasonable living with this new project I’ll head back to consulting by mid-Spring and the blog will become quiet again.  It’s that simple.

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