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Wrapped up in Prescott

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With everything wrapped up in Prescott it looks like the Airstream will be heading out soon, and moving south!  With a weather forecast of gray skies, a cool temperature, and rain for the next few days, going south sounds like the best thing to do!

During our 2 month stay in the area we’ve accomplished a lot.  In total we’ve worked with 4 clients over the two month period.  It’s beginning to look like our web work will in fact be able to keep us fed while working from the Airstream.  The next step?  More clients so we can start saving and really create a going concern for this business!  It always takes time to build a small business up, but I’m confident we’re on our way.

Fun client sites

So, want the rundown on who we’ve worked with in October and November?  Let’s take a look!

Don Rantz Pastels

Don Rantz Pastels

Don Rantz, acclaimed pastel artist, had us do an update on a site for him.  We’d done an initial build months ago, but with the latest innovations and techniques we’ve been using, Don wanted all of the latest bells and whistles.  In his case, we’ve installed everything he needed, trained him on using the site, and Don is going forward updating the site.  He’ll be adding private membership only pages for tutorials and instruction in the near future, and a sales section as well.  With some clients they like to build it themselves over time, and we give them the tools and instruction to help them make it happen.

The Frame & I

The Frame & I

The Frame & I, custom framing located in Prescott, Arizona.  I’ve known the owner Ida for years, and after we arrived back in Prescott she asked me to take a look at her website.  The previous web designer had disappeared on her, and the way the site was left she was unable to update the site or make changes.  So we did a quick overhaul of her site complete with Revolution sliders, accordion options, and more.  The best part?  Ida is now able to manage her own site, target specific SEO options page by page, and is improving her search rankings on a daily basis.  Within two weeks of our working on her site she’s dominating searches for custom framing in Arizona!

North-Aire Aviation

North-Aire Aviation

North-Aire Aviation, a local flight school in Prescott, AZ. got in touch with us back in September to see if we could help update their site, improve their search rankings, and create some internal private pages for staff and students.  By the time we finished with this project they had everything they wanted and more.  And it was really nice to hear that the President of North-Aire knew we were the right team for the job off the bat.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.21.46 PMDon’s Drapery, of New Jersey, got in touch with us right as we were getting ready head to Prescott.  So our first week in Prescott found us working on a site that was really different for us.  Don’s has been around for over half a century, and they do amazing custom work for the interior design community.  They felt their original web presence was beyond outdated, and we went through and did a complete redesign of their site.  It’s simple, easy to follow, and lets their clients know everything their manufacturing center is capable of.

So there you have it, that’s what has occupied the past 2 months and kept the Airstream firmly parked in Prescott.  But now that we’ve got everything up to date it’s time to start looking for our next destination for Living In Tin.

Working from the road isn’t always straightforward

If you haven’t noticed over the past two months, this blog has been quieter again.  The reason is simple.  You don’t want to read about what I worked on for the day with a client, and it’s pretty dull to write about.  While I enjoy what we’re doing, it’s not “blog worthy.”

Additionally, while we are with clients I am very focused on what we’re doing for them.  So writing up articles on destinations, taking fun photos, etc, takes a back seat to what we’re working on.  Pretty normal actually.

The whole reason we tried doing our Kickstarter the other month was because of this.  If we’re going to focus on generating a guide to all of the National Monuments of the Southwest, we have to be able to focus on it.  If we’re splitting between client work, and generating the publication things will slow down on the publication (which has happened).  It’s a balancing act.

Fortunately with 4 clients over two months we now do have December pretty free, which means we can get back to travel articles, work on Living In Tin, and writing about a few more destinations.

So what’s in the future?  Burro Creek, Casa Grande, Ironwood National Monument, and maybe even a ride out to White Sands.  Of course, if a new client pops up we’ll focus on that again.  But I’m pretty confident this should be a travel filled month with stories and images coming along once again!  So stay tuned!

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