Yesterday’s Post – The power of SEO

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Yesterday I wrote a little tongue and cheek article on Netflix, and the reaction of RV Park owners when this terrible word is mentioned.  This morning while searching on RV Parks in Ajo I discovered something.  My post was already page 1 of Google in under 24 hours.

I wrote up a full article on the power of SEO on our business site.  If you have a business and an online presence I suggest you go read the article.

The most amazing thing, I wasn’t even trying to target a search on RV Parks in Ajo.  I was writing about the reaction to RV’ers using Netflix in a park.  I simply mentioned the town, and mentioned the words RV Park.  That’s all it took.  Imagine if I was really trying to be page one of Google searching for parks here.

We have been using several new tools for SEO here at RLC Design and the Airstream Chronicles.  And I’ll tell you, the new tools work extremely well.  From our recent clients in Custom Drapery, Framing, and Flight Schools we’ve seen firsthand how targeted SEO can increase a business website’s visits within a very short period of time.  It’s pretty darned amazing!

So, if you’re searching for RV Parks near Ajo Arizona, don’t be surprised if you see my post about Netflix and RV Parks.  Funny stuff!


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