You can find me where…….?

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My new "Find Me Spot." Messaging from anywhere on the planet?

Today you can find me in multiple places.  You can find me on the web, on a podcast, on other podcasts, and while I’m traveling from point A to point B.

Points A and B are interesting places.  That’s why I always go between them.  Occasionally I stop at points C & D, but they’re not as interesting.

So, where and how do you find me today?  Let’s get the short list out:

  • How about over at Canon Blogger’s latest podcast?  That’s right, Jason from Canon Blogger actually posted our interview from the other week.  This move could end his podcasting career!  🙂  You can listen to the interview at Personal Life Media or you can get it from ITunes.
  • You can also find me on my little tracking map that I’ve put up for my new “FindMeSpot.”  I tested the tracking a little yesterday.  A ride to work, and a ride from work.  You know something?  The spot messenger works.  And I think it’s going to make me a little more comfortable going into more remote spots this year.  That’s important, and I’ll write a lot more about this soon.  The Spot Messenger might be my device of the year.  We’ll see.
  • How about finding me on ITunes?  The Photographing Arizona Podcast is available for subscription over at ITunes.  I promise, if you subscribe, I’ll continue improving it over the coming weeks.  That’s a promise.  Now, go subscribe!  It’s free!
  • Today you’ll find me at the gallery.  Ian’s one man show is this Saturday, and we need to get ready.  Ian’s got some framing to do, I’ve got print work, web work, etc.  Pop on by.  You won’t even need the Spot Map to find me.
  • Finally, you’ll find me reviewing the Black & White photos for the contest here at the Airstream Chronicles.  I’ll be posting the images tonight.  And I’ll be selecting the winner…….

Well, I think we’ve covered everywhere you can find me today!  🙂  Check out Canon Blogger’s podcast, and give his site a visit!

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  1. Just finished listening to your conversation with Jason. That was a fun treat! I’ve now got Jason in my iTunes podcast rotation.

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