30 Days – #19

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Another day, another trip into the Dells.

This morning required early meetings, early wake ups, and a long day.  Fortunately for the extra efforts I found myself free earlier than usual.  My friend Caden asked if I had any plans….

Yes, walk into the Dells again.  See whatever is there.  Get another cool sunset.

Really I’d like to see that little bobcat that still pops by.  That would be cool.  Right lens, camera ready…….BOBCAT!

The bobcat didn’t show.  The sunset did.

Caden and Sadira came along for another walk this evening, and it was fun.  Caden is still learning all of the features on his new Rebel XS (and no more accidents with it) and he seems to be having a blast.  Raw enthusiasm is contagious!

I can’t say I pulled any magic shots out of the hat tonight.  Just a few that interested me as I sorted through Lightroom 2.  Mostly there was a lot of deleting.  I wonder if I need to vary things more.  I know, I’m not achieving 30 days of shots in the Dells thanks to the other weekend….but I do know I have shot just about every angle of the Dells.

No, I’m not tired of this place by any means.  I’m always wowed on my walks.  No doubt about that.  But I’m thinking…..hey, Grand Canyon anyone?  Revisit Sedona soon?  How about Organ Pipe?  Oooooh, that sounds cool!

I also think my mind is on dozens of other things.  The gallery, printers, software, the economy, what’s for dinner, the need to travel, family visits, etc.  There’s a lot going on.

So, guess I’m all over the place.  Happy to say walking into the Dells still does the same thing for me every time.  It’s good to be here.  Being in the rocks is relaxing.  The breeze blowing across the formations is soothing.  And the sunsets are still unbeatable!

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  1. It was a wonderful hike…I was very happy to be included (sore legs and all) It was nice that you guys went on alone and let me sit and watch the sunset in solitude (just what me and my sore legs needed) even though I didn’t think I could quite capture the beauty of the changing colors last night settling instead for a more quiet meditation…I’m happy to see you did (now I can’t wait for next weekend 😉 )

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