30 Days in the Dells – #3

Richard Charpentier 30 Days in the Dells 1 Comment

Well, I’m happy to say I live in the Granite Dells.  That’s what gives me such easy access to all the fun rock formations.

This morning I decided that I should give another look at my home in the Dells.  The sun was coming up, the Zip Dee chairs looked inviting, and it seemed like a fun shot!  🙂

Every day is different here.  Last night as I sat outside before sunset a group of quail wandered through.  I sat back in a Zipdee and they came walking right up.  Making sure I didn’t move around the quail had no issue with me.  The little chicks came in very close with no worries.

On other days large lizards will come through.  As long as you stay pretty still they’ll continue their hunt for bugs and a warm spot to stop.

All of this activity can be seen only a few feet out the door.  Yes, I still like it here!

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