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A few days off from blogging can be a good thing

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Well, after a few unplanned no blog days I’m back to the blog, and work.

Honestly, it was a nice break!  But now, after the 4th weekend we’re ready and recharged, right?  Or does everyone have their minds on beaches, lakes, boating, floating, and relaxing still?  You know, I wouldn’t mind being at the beach right now…..

Now, you might be surprised to find out that this weekend’s fireworks were not photographed by me.  Shocking but true.  This year I just wanted to watch, and I did.  Need a few fireworks pics?  Here’s a link to last year’s photos.

So, back to printing, back to trying to get the printer fixed (yeah, over 4 weeks now), back to editing, and back to prepping for the next Photoshop and Lightroom classes here in town.

Now, you get back to work too!  😉

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