Airstream at Organ Pipe National Monument

A few more snapshots from Tsunami on the Square 2010

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Well, last night I offloaded some of the photos from the 5D Mark II.  That’s after I did battle with the world’s largest black widow spider of course.  That’s right, upon arriving home and turning on the lights I noticed a HUGE spider spinning a web between the bed and the closet.  I mean HUGE.

For embarrassing reasons I did not break out the camera and photograph the spider.  What reasons?  Uh, sheer terror of spiders.  Go figure, tarantulas don’t freak me out, but all other spiders put me on edge.  No, I did not shriek, but internally I sure did!

After wiping out said arachnid I got to off loading the 16GB card.  I didn’t feel good about going right to bed since the spider was hanging out there…….

Without further delay, a few more unedited shots from yesterday’s event……

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  1. Thanks for the laugh! I will forever go around with a mental picture of you “shrieking”!! Thanks also for the great photos of Tsunami.

  2. WOOT! I can’t wait to see all the other pictures…thank you for helping to capture all the memories of Tsunami 2010 (The Little Wave that DID!)

  3. We saw a few of the later performances, including the Brazilian dance troupe and the fire dancers. It was great, we decided that we should have arrived much earlier to see more of the Tsunami. Next year …

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