A few quick Tuesday updates

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Vulture just makes for an incredible photo

Wow, been busy here in Prescott.  What’s the latest?

  • Scott Kelby’s latest blog post is really worth a read if you’re a photographer showing your work online.  Great reminder that you should pick the best of your shots for display, and whittle your portfolio down to the best of the best only.  If you haven’t popped by his site today, give it a read!
  • In between client print work this morning I’ve been paring down my Lightroom Libraries.  Just like Kelby’s reminder to clean up your on line portfolios, you’ve also got to go through your image libraries here and there to unload those that just aren’t keepers.  It’s a tough process.  When I look through images I often say to myself, “Well, you could do something with that later.”  Problem is, you usually don’t.  You’ve got the keepers, cut the other ones loose.
  • I’m working up a hybrid image that I really dig.  Yesterday I posted the HDR vs Topaz comparison, and it got some creative juices flowing.  Last night I did some more work on the image in Photoshop with Topaz, and then a little dodging and burning, and finally I messed with a few layers for getting the window exposure just right.  I’m not done with it yet, but I think it’ll be up on the website soon.
  • Price changes are coming.  The reality of business and regional competitors have pushed me to pull a new schedule of prices together for 2010.  After shopping other galleries from Bisbee to Flagstaff I’ve found that I go way under the going rate on prints and canvases.  Additionally, comparing to online print shops and local print shops my prices are extremely competitive with the online sellers, and well under brick and mortar small shops.  So, starting next year canvas prices will be increasing marginally.  As everyone tells me, it’s a tough economy.  I agree, and I’d like to start making a living at this rather than living off of savings.  As readers know, the business has paid for itself for the past year.  It has not paid me though, and we need to get to that point sooner rather than later.  What’s all this mean to readers?  Well, if you’ve been wanting one of my prints, now is the time!  And if you’ve been wanting to reproduce your own work with me, now is the time!
    hdrscurve (1 of 1)

    The White Pocket "S Curve" was impressive in 36x54" to be sure!

  • The 36×54″ “S Curve” from White Pocket that was printed a few short weeks ago has sold!  In that particular size I will be doing a limited series of 25.  Number 1 has headed out, and I’ll be getting #2 ready shortly.  Currently the 36×54″ pieces are selling for $850.  If you’re interested, as I said above, now is the time.
  • Further work on the updated Ian Russell Gallery website should get under way this week.  More artist bios, more images of artists work, etc.  It’s coming along slowly but surely in between other client work.
  • A follow up visit to Vulture should occur in the near future.  Rob will be going back with all of his lighting gear, and I’ll be tagging along to see what’s up.  Plus I think he wants a few more images of his “crew” to post on his website.  Hey, good enough reason for me to pay another visit to Vulture.
  • I recently discovered a new vendor for Canon Wireless Flash accessories.  Flash Zebra.  Testing out some Radio Poppers, but go figure, I can’t connect them to the 430 or 580 EXII’s.  You need an adapter.  So, once the gear from Flash Zebra comes in I’ll tell you all about it, and about the Radio Popper Jrx’s as well.
  • Limited gear testing going forward……If folks want to send gear along, I’d be happy to review it.  But there won’t be any photo equipment, off roading gear, etc, purchases here in the foreseeable future.  So, we’ll work with what we’ve got!

There’s all that’s fit for print on this Tuesday afternoon.  I started this post in the morning, and finally got it put to bed now!  Been busy, and many distractions for a Tuesday!

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