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The issues that have been plaguing my original Hikenbike site continue.  Fortunately with this new site I’ve been able to create a new blog structure quickly.  Unfortunately I don’t think all regular readers have been able to read about the new site.

This morning I resolved that issue.  Hikenbike, and more importantly, Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles is now redirected to the new site.  Let’s hope that continues to work!  🙂  For those who got here through a redirect, Welcome!  🙂

By the way, I received last week’s uptime report on my servers at IX Webhosting.  In total for the week I had 84.51% uptime.  Not acceptable.

The Worldwide Photo Walk Update

As of this morning 33 people have signed up to participate in the Prescott Worldwide Photo Walk.  I’ll tell you, Photoshopuser.com really reaches a ton of people!

I’ve verified with both Sharlot Hall and the Raven cafe.  Both places will be happy to see the photo walk group!  I’m just a little worried about bringing a large group to the Raven at 10:30.  See, at 11 they’re shifting from breakfast to lunch.  Oooh, bad timing on my part.

Flickr Group for the Walk

I’m a little concerned that folks haven’t seen all the information on the Photo Walk.  In addition to meeting other folks interested in photography we also get to share our photos from Prescott after the walk.  A flickr group has been created, and each participant can upload up to 20 photos from the walk to the group.

While we have 33 people signed up for the walk we’ve only got 9 signed up to the group.  Looks like I’ll need to make a little print out for folks on the 23rd.

That’s about it!

Well, there’s the wrap up.  Redirects and a few thoughts on the Photo Walk.  For those who found this site through a redirect, be sure to book mark this site.  It’s replacing the old Airstream Chronicles.  If you’d linked in to Hikenbike.net from your blog, please be sure to update your links!

Thanks for your patience with the recent outages at the old site!  🙂

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  1. Tom,

    Initially that limit was listed on the Photo Walk site. Can’t find that number now, but I think 20 will work well per person. Why is that you ask? Simple, I’ve got to sort through them once the walk is done. You heard me right, I get to sort them.

    Every city walk leader gets to check through the photos after, find “the best” (in their opinion of course), and give that photographer a cool prize. The second edition of the Photoshop Lightroom Book (for version 2). I own Lightroom 1 & 2. I’ve only got the #1 book. Need the #2, but I can’t win the coolest photo of the day.

    In addition to my sorting woes, Photoshopuser has bigger woes. 236 cities selected. They will be reviewing photos from every city and giving out BIG prizes for cool photos! See the issue?

    Right now we’re at 33 people. 33 x 20….That’s 660 photos to sort. If we get to 50 walkers I’m looking at 1000 photos. Sure, people can comment on other people’s shots, so there is that. I can look through favorites that everyone comments on and it might help sorting!

  2. Ahhh, that makes sense I guess. 🙂
    I highly doubt that we will see 100% of the walkers on flickr though. I’m betting we will be lucky to see 50%.

  3. Actually I’m planning on printing up some walk sheets (map & points of interest) and at the bottom I’ll be including info about the Flickr Group. 🙂

  4. Wait…before we get all worried about our fearless leader sorting through the mass of pictures by his own sad self, if I’ve remembered correctly, I thin he’s roped someone else in to help him 😉 Never fear…between the two of us, we’ll get it done with hardly any trouble I’m sure.

    AND…I think your idea of pointing people to both the Raven and Pangaea’s is still a good idea…I mean, I may indulge in a little gluten-free treat with my organic decaf at Pangaea’s…Then again, Sweet Tart’s is looking like a mouthwatering place as well (silly French pastries)

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